Road Trip

Pastor Leo Handing Bible to Brother Martin Flores
Pastor Leo & I giving the Santa Biblia to Martin

After Bible study, we ended up staying for a couple hours, passed out a couple of Santa Biblia’s to those who made a commitment to read them daily.

Pastors Handing Bible to Flores
Pastor Elaine Gonzalez (left) and Pastor Leo Gonzalez (right) giving a Santa Biblia to Diana Flores (middle)

We then left the Flores family and headed to find a certain brother in Christ  who Pastor Leo had a word for since the last time they met back in February. But didn’t know where he lived.

Earlier that morning before Bible study, we banded together in prayer and prayed the Lord would order our steps and his steps together. As we rounded the corner, there was that brother whom Pastor Leo was looking for. We talked a bit and found out where he was living and working at (a master chef of a restaurant).

La Cruz De Huanacaxtle town pic
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

So later on that day we went over to talk to him more on a break. Passing through La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. We came to a beautiful beach front restaurant in Punta de Mita. Punto De Mitta Restaurant

Punto De Mita

Psalm 37:23  “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in His way.”

Mercado Del Mar in La Cruz
After ministering to the master chef/brother in Punta De Mitta. We stopped in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle’s Mercado Del Mar (Marina Market) on the way back to San Vicente and bought fresh fish for everyone whom we are staying with for a late lunch. In fact, most food here is fresh. People do not buy food for a week here in Mexico, but daily. 

This is the place where you buy direct and the fishermen de-scales, cleans, grind (optional) and pack the fish you bought in a bag with ice on the spot.

Mercado Del Mar La Cruz 3
Fishermen descaling fish
Mercado Del Mar La Cruz 2
Red Snapper & Shark

The Mercado Del Mar has all kinds of deep sea fish. This particular seller have Red Snapper (as seen in this pic) Shark, and Mojarra.

We bought the Mojarra and it was delicious, served with home made arose, (Spanish rice), Pico De Gallo and corn tortilla’s. What a great day the Lord has truly made and blessed, “GLORIA DIOS!”



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