1st Day: Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016

Tuesday Morning Bible Study w Flores FamMorning Bible study; 10 am. at the Flores family home. The Word of God was received with gladness and many questions were asked. The Topic: “Who Is Jesus Christ?”

The Interpreter: Pastor Leo Gonzalez (sitting next to me) Pastor Elaine Gonzalez (Pastors Wife) took the photos.

Who is Jesus Christ? (Bible study outline)

Main text: John 1

John 1:1-2 (Jesus Christ is Eternal)
Genesis 1:1-3 (Jesus Christ is the Light of the world)
John 1:3 (Jesus Christ is our Creator with Father God Almighty)

  • Colossians 1:15-17

Colossians 1:18-20 (Jesus Christ is Savior/Messiah) Tuesday Morning Bible Study w Flores Fam 3

  • Matthew 1:18-23

Apart from Jesus Christ there is no Salvation. He is eternal life. He is The Creator of all life. He is the Way to Heaven and to His Father

John 14:6 (Jesus Christ is The Way)
John 1:14-17 (Jesus Christ is The Truth)
John 1:4  (Jesus Christ is The Life)

  • John 11:25

  • John 3:16-18

The tablet Pastor Elaine was filming with were having technical difficulties and could not film the full Bible study. So we’re just using this footage to show how the Pastor’s and I work together in the mission’s field

We are staying in the State of Nayarit Mexico on the coast, in the town of San Vicente just 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. The Flores family lives a couple blocks from where we are staying nayarit


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