The Promise of The Great Commission (November 2017)

After Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord died on the cross for the remission of sins, risen from the dead on the 3rd day activating the promise of God of eternal life to those who believe, giving His disciples this promise:

Mark 16:15-18

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

After a 9 hour flight, we arrived around 2pm. Pastor Leo made some phone calls arranging our pick up. We were greeted by Mario and proceeded to the truck where Uriel and Juan Pablo were waiting just beyond the over pass behind the Airport. We made one stop to exchange currency, then arrived in San Vicente once again to Marisco Fidel’s for lunch (a cousin of Pastor Leo who owns his own restaurant he started out of his home). Originally Pastor Leo planed to go and minister in Tepic on this trip (which is the State Capital of Nyarit) but it wasn’t the Lord’s will at this time.

Photo with Lupe
Trini & Lupe (right) Pastor Elaine (middle) Pastor Leo (left) and Brother Steve (Background)

After lunch, we headed to Trini and Lupe’s house where we are staying (which is the same place we stayed on our last trip). Pastor Elaine chatted privately with Lupe at the kitchen table and gave words of encouragement. She gave her two specific Scriptures and wrote them down for her. We then visited other households, a day of greetings and salutations with some ministering. Catching up with people we ministered to last year, to see where people are at spiritually in their devotions with the Lord as well as searching out opportunities to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

We arrived back to the house where we are staying in the early evening, and we find Lupe’s grandson (Ivan) sick, not with a fever but coughing up mucus and vomiting and acted as though he had a fever. We find out Ivan had been sick like this for about a couple weeks now. So Pastor Leo and I laid hands on the child in faith as Pastor Elaine and Lupe were in agreement in the Spirit of Faith as Jesus has taught His disciples (verse 15), “These signs will follow those who believe,” speaking to those who have faith (verse 18), “they (His disciples) will lay hands on the sick, and they (the sick) will recover.”

By faith without doubting as it is also written: James 5:15, “And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up;” This was clearly ministered by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle James after: “So then, faith without works is dead” (James 2). And we prayed in active faith without doubting and after that, we left again. We went to go see the Flores family that evening and sang songs (since the kids love to sing and we will publish in a video format soon) We always have such a good time there having great fellowship too.

The next day: Wed. November 1st 2017

Ivan whom the Lord healed & Pastor Elaine

We awoke this morning and Ivan was playing with his toys like a child who’d never been sick. He still had some coughing but Jesus Christ healed him, Praise the Lord! Meanwhile, Pastor Leo and Gustavo left early this morning. Pastor Leo had to apply for his citizenship in order to legally own property here in Mexico. And the Mexican Government granted his citizenship. This was one of his missions on this trip in order to legally finalize the transaction of the property we are going to build the church of Jesus Christ upon.

There is a National law in Mexico, that in order to own property here, you must be a Legal citizen. Other wise the Mexican Government has every right to seize your property, arrest and deport. Now Pastor Leo was actually born here in Mexico. His parent entered into the United States legally and so Pastor Leo and his brothers and sisters were raised here in the US. So the vision the Lord has for Pastor Leo and Pastor Elaine is to have dual citizenship and build a church in San Vicente Mexico. Pastoring and making disciple.

Now Gustavo (one of Pastor Leo’s cousins) also set us up for a morning on a ranch to have fresh warm milk straight from the cow and meet Reuben (the owner of the ranch, one of Gustavo’s friends) and his wife Margarita on the outskirts of San Vicente, not far from the Puerto Vallarta Airport.

Reuben Milking Cow
Reuben milking one of his cows

Pastor Leo and I drank fresh milk (adding chocolate of course, no mixing was needed) Gustavo gave us a cup with chocolate powder and we handed the cups to Reuben and he filled up the cups straight from the cow. Pastor Elaine kindly passed the invite to drink fresh cow milk (she let them know that it might affect her stomach) she didn’t want any sudden reaction to the milk, and early in the trip.

After enjoying the fresh cup of naturally warm, delicious milk, we then proceeded to the patio to meet Rubens wife, Margarita . One thing lead to another and Reuben invited us to ride one of his horses, so we all did. They seemed to like us and they invited us for breakfast afterwards. Pastor Elaine helped Margarita prepare chorizo and bacon and to get to know her while Gustavo, Pastor Leo, Reuben, Reuben’s grandson and I went to the store to pick up a few more things for breakfast.

Margarita & Pastor Elaine (Left) Pastor Leo (middle) Reuben & Gustavo (right) happy to hear the Word of God in a Q&A setting on their patio

After the morning flew by, the Lord opened Reuben’s heart and he had some questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which we will also publish in a video format soon) And so Pastor Leo answered his questions. Reuben invited us to come back and do a Bible Study on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After we left the ranch, we went to the Flores’ and we noticed Kevin (martin’s sisters son) had a red, puffy eye. At first it looked like he got into a fight or something. And so Pastor Leo asked, “what’s wrong with your eye?” Kevin told us, “he got stung by a bee.” So we laid hands on him and prayed. A couple of hours went by and we went to Mario’s house for a little while and visited him and His wife Ricarda for the remainder of the night.

Thursday, November 2nd

We all slept in trying to acclimate to the climate here. It’s about 85-90 degree F. and about 80% humidity consistently. You take a shower and it’s pointless to dry off with a towel. So I learned to just go with it. You peel your cloths off wet and you dress wet. It’s a small price to pay for preaching the Gospel…really.

So we got a late start in time for lunch over at chewy’s and Chepina’s house just down the street from where we are staying. They’re great people and we like to visit them as much as we can. They invited us for fried Red Snapper caught that morning, and an amazing lunch it was. We stayed and visited awhile, then headed off to pick up a Birthday cake we ordered earlier and headed over to the Flores family home for another birthday party and a Bible Study.

Kevin whom the Lord healed

We celebrated 3 birthday’s tonight since we will not be here to celebrate their official birthday’s later on this month. It is Martin’s, Daniels, and Angel birthday. So we decided to celebrate them all tonight. As we showed up, Kevin told us that the Lord Jesus healed his eye. We looked and behold, the redness and swelling was completely gone PRAISE THE LORD JESUS!

…And we believe with all our hearts this is just the beginning of an amazing miracle work of Salvation of Jesus Christ in San Vicente Mexico…








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