Favor of The Lord

So Our flight leaves at 5:35 am Tuesday morning on October 31st 2017 from the Denver International Airport. I started my journey on Monday afternoon Oct. 30th from Questa New Mexico little after 2:30 pm. And drove to Colorado Springs (taking my time of course). Got into Colorado Springs around 6 pm and stayed at Pastor Leo’s and Pastor Elaine’s apartment. We figured we would wake up around 1:45 am or so and head out around 2:30 am and arrive at the airport with plenty of time.

UNFORTUNATELY, we awoke to about a quarter inch thick of snow on the roads and icy. FORTUNATELY, we left on time as we planed and  we got all the way into Monument Colorado when the roads finally cleared up. UNFORTUNATELY, we had no time to waste because it was already around 4:30 am by the time we got through Castle Rock and still had to get to the airport and find parking, catch the shuttle and check in our luggage.

FORTUNATELY, we make it to Pikes Peak parking and the electronic signs as we pulled in, told us which section has parking available. We get parked right away. The shuttle was right there waiting (they come around every 15 minutes) and got into the airport at 5:15 am. Pastor Leo and Pastor Elaine were able to check in at the kiosks, but UNFORTUNATELY, the Kiosk would not scan my passport. So we asked for help and they told us, “At a certain time the kiosks doesn’t allow anyone to check into their flight due being late. Go to the help desk to check in there.”

FORTUNATELY,  we got to the help desk and checked in. UNFORTUNATELY, it was already 5:20 am and they told us, “Our bags may not make the flight, but we’ll do our best.” We still had to go through security and it was almost painless.

FORTUNATELY, there were only a few people there. Pastor Leo and Elaine went through security no problem. UNFORTUNATELY, they decided to randomly check me for gun powder residue on a white paper slide they had to scan and then frisk me also. And still had to get on the subway to get to section C (the last section).

Flight Check-In Aug. 2016
Flight check -in from August 2016 trip

FORTUNATELY, as we got off the subway our plane was at gate 42, which was right there, since it starts at gate 40 and as we approached our gate they started to announce our name for last call and we got on that plane at 5:35 am.

Many Christians would have given up at any point of their journey because it just seems impossible. Some see’s an obstacle (great or small) and out of fear would just give up (Numbers 13-14).

Some give up at the parking lot waiting for the shuttle, because they were early and grew weary of waiting (Galatians 6:9).

Others made it all the way to the baggage desk needing to surrender all their bags and would not. Baggage is spiritually referring to as: sins, past failures and even past successes and worldliness (Philippians 3:3-14)

Yet a few would still miss their destination because they lack discernment, to discern the time they need to make haste with God lest they miss their destination and miss their opportunity because they were too late.

But those who are in the perfect will of God and right with God. When God is with you, rest assured, your never late and your never early, but always right on time. All we have to do is stand in faith and show up and God will make the impossible way happen.

Now our flight was not straight through this time. We had to land in Las Vegas. Change flights in Oakland to get to Puerto Villarta. And behold, all our luggage was there. Nothing missing and nothing broken,  Praise The Lord!




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